Monday, July 27, 2015

The Re-Written Story

Big Daddy Weave has a new song right now called "My Story."  It is an excellent song - would I recommend one that wasn't?

The whole idea is something that Kris and I have been learning to live out these last three years.  It's about sharing all that made us who we were, and all God has done to make us who we are now.  It is just such an amazing truth that many within the church fail to practice.

I think we, as the church, have grown up believing we have to hide who we were, or who we are.  Especially if it would implicate us as sinners.  Sure, we can admit to others that we sin.  Of course we sin.  But to be frank and honest about what sin continues to follow us around?  It was unheard of when I was growing up.  At least, in my circle.  Even as I became a young adult, a wife and a mother, it was a shameful thing to admit what you had done wrong.  To anyone but God.  Sure, we urge confession of sins to God.  But I think much of the time we miss something that I believe is VITAL to our overcoming sin.

It is to confess to others around us what we have done.

It is to admit, not only that we sin, our flaws.  Admit the choices we made that were anything but moral or wholesome.

It's talking openly with those we come in contact with about how God is rewriting our story and how it is by His power alone that we have victory.

And that is what Big Daddy Weave is speaking to in this song.  Listen to it.  Breathe it in.  Make every effort to practice this as you walk out your life.  People need to hear our stories.  And we need to tell them, in order to continue to praise the God who saves us and walk forward in continued victory.

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