Thursday, October 1, 2015

Break Every Chain

I think I've mentioned before that my favorite book series is The Wheel Of Time, by Robert Jordan. Rich story, amazing characters, emotional builds - so many good things I can say about it. I am re-listening to it for the third time. One afternoon last month, driving home from work, I found myself in tears over the scene I'm going to share with you. It spoke to my heart and it was a battle cry of sorts, one that echoed in my own heart.

At this point in the series, there is this White Tower that has always been a symbol of strength and power for the world. It was unshakable, if you will. No one ever thought anything bad could happen to the tower.

What many could not see though was the darkness that had taken root inside the White Tower. Women turned to The Shadow, which is a representation of all that is evil, and not at all unlike the devil to us. Because of this darkness, the foundation of the White Tower (on an emotional level, more than physical) was beginning to crumble. The women in the Tower were weak. They had been pulled and prodded, and many of them were beaten down by life and the constant war with the Shadow. In their deepest vulnerability, the enemy struck. Women were captured and taken away to the land of the enemy and the structure itself was deeply wounded and damaged. Throughout this battle though, there were women who fought with everything in them to protect the White Tower and to ensure that the power of good, the Light, remains.

It is in the midst of the rubble, after the battle, that they try to regroup and a strong leader takes her place to lead the White Tower. She speaks to the women who remain in the tower, who fight for the Light, and this is what she tells them: