Saturday, November 30, 2013

We Bring The Kingdom Come

It's no secret that Jason Gray is hands down one of my favorite singer/songwriters. So, imagine my joy when I heard a new Jason Gray song last week, quickly followed by a little sadness upon learning the album itself wasn't coming out until March! Only a few words/notes in, I knew this song would become a favorite. It shouldn't surprise anyone that this song made me cry the first few times. The second verse alone was enough to undo me, emotionally.

There's silence at the table
He wants to talk but he's not able
For all the shame that's locked him deep inside
Oh, but her words are the medicine
When she says they can begin again
And forgiveness will set him free tonight
As heaven touches earth

Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Hands Are Equally Skilled

Well, it's not Sunday, but Jon Foreman of Switchfoot has been singing in my head for a week and I just need to share.  I have had this song playing over and over in my mind for days - the words speak deeply to my heart and the poetry and truth hidden within this song resonate with me.

But I couldn't really explain why this song in particular was on my heart.  Until tonight.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Broken Hallelujah

The Afters have a new song out right now.  I've been hearing it all week and just love the message in it.  Have you heard "Broken Hallelujah?"  I feel like this is where I am at right now.  Kris and I have entered this new phase of counseling and have gone deeper.  Tony compared it to surgery.  There is a problem, and in order to fix the problem, a surgeon has to literally take a knife and cut into it, and then rip out what is bad.  It is only through that process that healing can come.  And as great as it would be to just go from point A - having the injury - to point Z - healing - we have to walk through all of the other steps. We have to go through all of the phases of healing in order to be whole again.