Tuesday, January 2, 2018

gracefully broken

For about a week, I have been hearing just the tail end of a song on JoyFM.  In an attempt to be intentional about surrender, I determined that I would:

#1. Actually take a lunch break.

#2. Listen to the song on my lunch break. 

As I was getting on my phone to turn Gracefully Broken by Matt Redman on, it just came on the radio!  So as I sit here in my car, taking an actual lunch break, I'm grinning because I'm not surprised at all by God's gentle (and not so subtle) reminder to slow down and surrender.

If I hadn't thought to play it, he would have reminded me anyway. I love little  (huge) moments like that where I feel God speaking to my heart.

What's that verse say? Seek and you will find him when you seek with your whole heart? Message received, God!

And like I do with any new song that's awesome, I'm playing it on repeat to really hear it and take it all in. Music is such a beautiful gift!
Find my heart on the altar again.
Set me fire.
Set me on fire.
Here I am God
Arms wide open
Pouring out my life
Gracefully broken

I just love hearing a message  I've been contemplating in a song. When I wrote my reflection on 2017, I wrote of surrender.  Aand how I've avoided it.  How great is it that the entire song is about surrender?!?

It's as if God knew I needed an anthem going into 2018, and He provided it.

My heart is full and in this moment, I am basking in the love of God, working to surrender, and grateful that He speaks to one such as me.

One who is gracefully broken.

I surrender.
I surrender.
I surrender.
I surrender.

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