Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Anniversary

I wrote in my last post about my life changing 9 months ago.  Today, however, marks a different anniversary   Instead of the night Kris found out about my affair, and I left our marriage thinking it was over, today marks 9 months since I walked back into my home and decided to FIGHT for my marriage.  I decided that what Kris and I had was worth the pain and sorrow.  It was worth whatever it would take to find healing and restoration.  It also marks 9 months of sobriety for both Kris and me.  This is a HUGE step for us and we are so excited to have made it this far.  In 3 short months, we will celebrate ONE YEAR.  I am daily amazed at what God has done in our lives and marriage since February.

One of the blessings is all the "firsts" we get to experience, as sinners, being remade.  Kris "noticed" me for the first time.  I chose to love him, unconditionally, unsure of the risk.  We have gone to movies without me sneaking texts or him not looking away from something inappropriate.  We'll celebrate Thanksgiving this week, for the first time in seven years, without me thinking about when the next time will be that I can talk to the OM.  And Christmas!  We will celebrate Christmas as a WHOLE, healthy family for the first time ever.

And then there is Switchfoot.  We have seen Switchfoot perform seven times now.  SEVEN.  And all of those times (except the last) were times that I shared with another man.  Not necessarily by his presence, but by my mind being consumed by thoughts of him.  I was always divided.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, I saw Switchfoot perform with my husband by my side.  And only two thoughts on my mind.  Kris, and Switchfoot.  I wrote on my other blog about winning a contest through 105.7 The Point.  Tonight, I want to tell you the outcome of that contest.

I didn't believe it was real.  I wanted to believe it was real.  I hoped beyond all hope that when I got down to the Edward Jones Dome there really would be VIP passes for me and Kris, to watch the Rams game in a luxury box, WITH the guys from Switchfoot.  I was nervous the whole morning.  I could have screamed with joy when I was handed our VIP passes at the Will Call window.  Katherine and Kris' mom took the tickets Katherine won from JoyFM to watch the game/concert and went to their seats, while Kris and I found our way to our own.

We got there an hour early and it was a good ten minutes into the game before Switchfoot showed up.  I was concerned that I misunderstood the prize I won.  Until they actually walked into the room.  Shaking their hands and hearing them tell me their names was surreal.  I'm still in some sort of shock over the entire thing.  I didn't scream like a crazed fan, but I wanted to.  I wanted to tell them my whole life story and I wanted them to think I was the greatest fan in the world.  Neither of those things happened.

HOWEVER, I did get a lot of pictures, and Jon Foreman, the lead singer, signed Katherine's favorite book, telling us that he was a huge fan of C.S. Lewis.  The men were all very nice and spent a little bit of time talking to us.  I invited them to come home with me instead of going back to California, but they had to gratefully decline.  I told them that if they ever needed a place to stay in St. Louis, my home was open.  I was really sad when they had to leave to get ready for the concert.

All in all, I'd say this experience with watching the Rams game (which was NOT a good game) with Jon, Tim, Drew, Jerome, and Chad was a great way for me and Kris to celebrate the 9 month anniversary of coming home.  To Kristopher, in the words of Switchfoot, "I still believe we can live forever.  You and I we begin forever now.  Forever now.  Forever.  I still believe in us together.  You and I we're here together now.  Together now.  Forever now."

At the Dome with Katherine, before we went our separate ways to find out seats.

Excited that my VIP pass was real!

Kris took this picture of me.  You can see the field in the background.  We had a great view!

Talking to Chad.  He thinks I'm fabulous!

Kat and I on the 40 yard line, waiting for the concert to start.  We were in the front row and it was awesome!

Drew, jamming out!

I love this picture!  What a great show!  

The sign originally said "Bethanie Rocks" in honor of my awesome friend who watched the younger kids for us, but Kris found a way to photoshop the picture!  This is better!

Celebrating 9 months of sobriety with the best man.  I'm the luckiest girl alive.  God is so good!!

I love this picture.  It was truly a dream come true to meet Switchfoot!

Brothers, Jon and Tim Foreman, I'm sure discussing how fabulous they think it was to meet me and Kris.

Chad and Jerome showing me how incredibly cool they think that I am.

I like to believe that Jon and Drew are laughing at how hilarious I am.  ;-)

Tim Foreman, with Jon and Drew in the background.  I am pretty sure Tim thought I was saying something very funny.  This is also just a great picture of the guys! 

While we weren't technically supposed to ask for autographs, I told Jon how Kat used to sing "grace is high and low" from his song "Innocence Again" when she was just three.  Which was always so cute for me and Kris, especially since her middle name is Grace.  So I asked Jon to sign Kat's favorite book, The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis and write this on there.  He was happy to oblige and I love him more for it.


  1. That's awesome, I'm so happy for you guys. Love the pictures, you look very pretty.