Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Around my house, my children have a problem with the word "sexy."  It has "sex" in it, and that is "so gross!"  So, if they occasionally hear Kris tell me that I look sexy (which I love when he does!) they freak out and think it is appalling.  They'll learn...some day...

All of that to say that I just really want to talk about how attracted to my husband I am.  Sure, he's handsome.  I love his balding/shaved head and his calves.  And his face, when he remembers to shave it for me.  And so many other things, physical attributes.

But tonight, I discovered something else that attracted me to my husband.

I started a new job, working odd hours - 10AM-7PM.  That means that Kris has to go to work super early, work all day, then get home in time to get the kids from the bus/be home when they get home.  His first day was yesterday.  In addition to working, then rushing to get home in time (being time oriented is not his specialty-but he is a great relational man!), he has to manage homework and chores and...DINNER.  The kids were a little worried on this point, because Mom is the cook.  And Mom cooks delicious food!  But he CAN cook. Frozen stuff, mac 'n cheese, spaghetti or taco meat.  He has mastered those and so the children really shouldn't worry.

But here is what got me.

As I drove home from work, I was desperate to talk to him.  I wanted to know how his day went, worried that all of this responsibility on his shoulders would wear him down.  So I wanted to gauge how he was feeling about everything.

This man has a freaking spreadsheet, outlining the chores for each kid, for each day.  It has a section for computer time that they can earn, and when the week is up, they can convert any unused minutes into cash, and he had a tab for that too.  He also had a tab that showed how much money each child had earned.  With four kids, this can get a bit confusing.  But he even has time frames etched out and a schedule.

Do you know how I parent between 3:30 and 6:00PM?  I don't.  There is usually just a lot of yelling (on my part), and when they ask me if they can do stuff (I do manage to keep them tasked on homework), I'm just like "whatever..."  When they ask for a snack, or sometimes dinner, my response is "Eat whatever you can get for yourself.  Cereal, toast, sandwich, etc..."

I don't cope well with the time the bus drops the kids off and the time Kris gets home.  So, for me, this new schedule, while taking up ALL of my time (it seems) will be good for me to learn to be self-controlled when I am home with the kids.

And I say all of this to get to the point that I realized something as I listened to Kris described how the evening went and how they handled everything, and how he plans to manage each day.  He's such a smart man.  It's one of the things I love about him.

But just listening to him talking about his "Mr. Mom" plan of attack, I found myself incredibly attracted to this side of him.  I kept telling him that I find it extremely sexy.  And I can't really explain it, but man that guy is SO sexy when he takes charge and leads in this way.

I love that man!

The significance of the song below is that I heard it the night I was driving home to choose my family over a life of sin.  And I realized how the lyrics just completely felt right.  I really DID love my husband, which was something I had questioned for years.  And not only did I love him, I loved him so much more than I ever thought and as the song played, I realized that my love for him would never die.

This one is for you Babe!  For a thousand years...

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