Sunday, July 14, 2013

Your Love Is All I've Ever Needed

As some of you know, Big Daddy Weave's song "Redeemed" plays a part in my story.  Countless times I go back to it.

For perspective.

For reassurance.

For sheer musical enjoyment.

Last week, when I heard it announced on the radio that they had another song out, I immediately turned the volume up.

I knew immediately that the sound was great!  I listened and thought it was pretty good.  But then, when that chorus hit, any semblance of emotional stability I had been maintaining fled.

Which, as I think about how often this happens while I'm driving, it occurs to me that perhaps this isn't the safest place for God to move in my heart.  Though if He is moving, driving or not, I've got to trust Him to keep me and the drivers around me safe.  Right?!

Something about the chorus of this "new" song clicked with me, as so many songs do, and I wept.  Tears of joy. And I found myself smiling at God's little messages.

Let's start with the verses:
Yours will be
The only name that matters to me
The only one whose favor I seek
The only name that matters to me

Yours will be
The friendship and affection I need
To feel my Father smiling on me
The only name that matters to me

Yours is the name
The name that has saved me
Mercy and grace
The power that forgave me
And your love is all I've ever needed

For too long, I spent all my time focusing on seeking favor, friendship and affection from my husband.  And then from another man.  What a great reminder that no matter what is going on in my life, what really matters is where my heart is at with God.  And I'll be honest.  I've really been struggling with this lately.  Somehow, along the way these last couple of weeks, I've lost sight of WHO it is my focus needs to be on.

Kris and I have been insanely busy.  We went to a wedding on June 29th, and since that day, we have been passing each other by. We've barely seen one another, which in turn has led to not spending any time together, which has led to a lot of tension between us.  We talked about this in counseling yesterday, and while Tony didn't tell me directly that my focus was in the wrong place, I realized it through our session.

I had become discontent because Kris wasn't doing the things I wanted him to do, to meet my needs emotionally.  I had become so focused on what Kris wasn't doing, and how it made me feel, instead of focusing on God and remembering that He is all I need.

And Tony said something else that really struck a chord with me.  Kris and I have been turning away from each other.  And what we really need to be doing is turning TOWARDS one another.

Beyond those verses, the chorus hits me hard.  It is so profound.  I love that music has the power to move and inspire, and change lives.  I love how it helps me think about things in a different light.  And this chorus is no different.

When I wake up in the land of glory
And with the saints I will tell my story
There is just one name that I'll proclaim.
Just that name.

Since God began the restoration of my marriage a year and a half ago, the word "story" has been a heavy-with-meaning word for me.  Kris and I heard this concept early into our reconciliation and we talk about this at our church quite a bit.  This idea of having a story.  Of understanding that story. And now, where we are at, sharing that story with others.

God uses our story.

And not just mine.

I believe he desires to use every believer's story to bring light and hope to this fallen world.

So any time I hear this song, it tells me that some day in Heaven I will stand up along with all the saints and share my story.  This gives me chills.  I feel like God is saying "Your story matters.  What the enemy intended for evil, I have made good.  And one day, I will let you stand side by side with Moses, with Joseph, with Rahab, with Hosea, with David, and with Paul.  And you will hear their stories. And then you will tell them yours." 

This thought is overwhelming and fills me with wonder! 

Maybe you haven't given much thought to your story or the impact it could have in the lives of others.

Maybe you never considered that you may have the privilege of sharing your story among the saints.

I hope that today you will.


  1. This was beyond amazing. Words cannot explain what God has in store for all of us!!!!

    1. I cannot wait to see Heaven! More and more I find myself thinking "heavenward." I heard a song tonight that said "We win in the end."