Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Each year, in order to fill our Christmas tree, we pick out an ornament that suits us, or describes who we are or what we like through the year.  Many of you who have followed my writing for sevearl years know of this tradition, and you know that each year I post pictures of our chosen ornaments.  It isn't just Kris and I choosing 6 ornaments   We choose our own, and since they have been old enough to care (age 3 and up), the kids have chosen their own.  So, consider this my annual post on our 2012 Christmas ornaments.  This is my favorite Christmas tradition of all time!  I hope my children have fond memories of this and continue it with their own families some day.

Up first, Kaleb:

This one is funny.  It says several things; one of which is this:  "It would be unwise to peek at these presents."

I'm not sure what hers says and I don't see the thrill in this cartoon or whatever, but she likes it, so that is all that matters.


I have no idea who this character is.  I'm not asking for answers either. It's from Star Wars or something like that...

Not just any ordinary Nutcracker. This is a "Wisecracker" and says funny little things that amuse Livvy and me.

BACON!  A girl after my own heart. I may have chosen this one myself if I hadn't had other plans in mind...

I wanted something significant.  Something that would speak to the last ten months Kris and I have spent together. In a lot of ways, this will be our first Christmas together, and I am very happy with this oranment!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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