Thursday, March 13, 2014

Something To Celebrate

This summer, Kris and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. It's such an exciting benchmark in our relationship, in our lives. It fills me with joy when I think about what we have gone through, and how I am looking forward to celebrating this milestone with my husband.

We took a trip to Florida on our 10th wedding anniversary and it was the first real "extravagant" trip alone that Kris and I had taken. By extravagant I mean, we stayed at a hotel on the beach - at the time, Kris' mom was a member of Blue-Green Resorts and we were able to get our lodging for free. We had a great vacation, really. Kris managed to lose his glasses in the ocean, which gave me a much-desired opportunity to see him in contacts for a week or two, until he went back to glasses. The only other time he wore contacts for a month or so was during and right after our wedding. He's just so much sexier with contacts. :-)

But my heart, at the time, was divided. I tried to sneak away from time to time to text someone else while we were there. I should have focused on my marriage and that relationship; and instead, I gave some of my attention to Kris and the rest to another man. I lived half of my marriage in this way, and I am so excited that that is over and this year, for this milestone anniversary, my heart is solely invested in my marriage and my relationship with Kris.

And while I truly have great memories from my honeymoon to an Indiana State Park and then Kings Island, since it was all we poor college kids could afford, I have always wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean. To an all-inclusive resort on a beach, or a cruise. This year, we will finally realize that dream of mine, and in June, we are headed to Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic!

I cannot wait to share with you some of the new memories that Kris and I create on this trip. More than that, I cannot wait to experience this with my husband, the love of my life!

Sometimes love can hurt; but it can also be very, very GOOD!  Because God is good.  Because He is doing something bigger in us than the pain.  And that is definitely something to celebrate!

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