Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Group Coming

Yesterday, I had another blessed opportunity to write a post for Intentionally Yours.  You can find that, post, entitled "Without Running Away," HERE.  In addition to that, I feel like God is calling me to pray for different people, in specific detail.  Many of whom I have found on the Intentionally Standing Facebook page.  I want to pray for them by name, and I want to pray for you too.  If you have a prayer need, please leave it in the comments below, or message me.  I would love to add you to the list of people that I am praying for.  Part of my call is to write, and another part is to pray.  So, give me what you need prayers for and let's work together to achieve God's will!

At the same time that I had a post go live yesterday at Intentionally Yours, I was also featured as a guest blogger over at  The post is called "Use Your Story" and can be found HERE.

Between the comments I have been receiving and the conversations I have been having with people I've never met who can either relate to my story or have their own story being written, God has really been placing this call on my heart to PRAY.

So again, let me know what your requests are and I will help you lift them before the Lord.  I believe that our God answers prayers.  Maybe not always in the time that we want or expect, but He does answer them.  Sometimes the answer is something as simple (and yet so difficult) as "Let ME be all you really need."

Lastly, this is for anyone local to the St. Louis area.  We are starting a support group for women on Tuesday nights at 7pm.  If you want more details on the place, send me an email or find me on Facebook.  Any women are welcome.  The specific topic will be supporting women who are married to (or separated from) men who have had (or currently have) addictions to pornography and sex, have committed adultery, etc...


  1. Latley I have been feeling very frusterated with myself. I know in my heart I need to have a greater desire for God and His love for me, than my desire for my prodigal husband to return home. But I just have this great longing to be wanted and to be "the one" he wants. I just cant put God in that spot nor know how. I am so werry and jut want someone to want me like he once did.Whats wrong with me? I hate being alone. I know God is with me and He promised to never leave me, some days that dont seem to be enough. HELP!!!

    1. The enemy has planted seeds of doubt in your mind. Those negative thoughts are not from God, or even from your own mind. They are from Satan. He takes delight in capturing our minds and feeding our fears and worries, and self-esteem. I know that he held me captive for most of my life. I used to ask myself all those questions, and it wasn't until I surrendered my heart, my life, and MY PAST to God, and ACKNOWLEDGED AND ACCEPTED that God could forgive and love even me, that I was able to start recognizing the enemy's lies for what they are, and refute them with God's truth.

    2. Hi, I hope by some chance that you will get this. I could really use prayers for my marriage. My story reads a lot like yours. Affair on my part, reconciliation and then 8 months ago my husband starts one of his own. Now, next week he wants to file for divorce. He said he would be willing to work on us of he didn't have this other relationship. I will continue to wait. I don't know what I want you to pray for, but I ask that you will. I want our marriage to work out I have prayed so hard and I will continue to. I have faith that God will restore our marriage.